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350 Bullet

Enfield Bullet News

So, I went out and bought one and what a cracker I found ! An Indian made, 1999 350cc thumper import, the sound of old England. Less than 2000 km on the clock (the speedometer reads mph as well as km) in mint condition. When you ride the Bullet a slow soppy grin spreads across your face, pure pleasure, the bike knows what you want of it. To navigate even the toughest, steepest bends is a dream come true, and the sound of the deep thump of the exhaust and strong pulling torque as you accelerate up through the gears will instantly widen your soppy grin to the extreme! No other Bike will make you smile like that, I know, I’ve tested the theory.

barry 350
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If you are looking for a bike that will burn off all the kids on the street you are looking at the wrong bike ! The Bullets are a different ride to anything you have ridden before, top speed a no no, pulling power a yes yes, comfort, relaxing, a calm fun ride that you will never forget. The first time you ride one you will wonder why you didn’t get one before, and no doubt you will never look back! I recommend a Bullet to all young and old, male and female (for you oldies a step back into fun time). Life is too short, take the plunge, get yourself an Enfield and start enjoying Motorcycling again.

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Continental GT

If You own an enfield, you don’t have to shout about it.

350 or 500? You will be happy with either

(Or treat yourself to a new Continental GT)

Greetings people, well as you have arrived here you must have an interest in the Royal Enfield Motorcycle which is obviously a good start! An icon of a bygone age kept alive now by our Indian friends in Chennai, and now resurrecting the old Continental GT with new styling and performance (535 cc engine upgrade) which I'm sure will be a big hit world wide. Have a look around the site as there is more to look at than meets the eye. Any suggestions for topics or additions for the site all gratefully received, get in touch with me at barry@enfieldbullet.info.                          Peace.


Devon Air Ambulance Trust Annual Motorbike Ride out Sunday 12 July 2015, How well did it go?

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